Holy Crap, I have an Internet Connection!  

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Well, I have internet, at least late at night when the misserable wireless network here doesn't have the load of the two or three other guests who might use it. *Sigh*

-What the future holds-

I'm working as a construction worker now. And I'm exhausted. Most nights I barely have enough energy to stumble back to my room and loose conciousness in my bed. It probably has to do with the giant quartz counter tops me and some other guys have to lug up a flight of stairs every day. Were flipping hotel rooms here, tearing out countertops and ovens and what not, hauling it all down, and taking big heavy rocks that seem to have been mistaken for counter tops back up. I think I am done rambling/complaining now. Suffice it to say I don't really have the time or energy to write much. However. I have Sundays off. Most likely I'll spend this Sunday and the next merely laying on my rooms couch and resting, but, if for some strange reason I find myself with some extra energy, I'll see if I can't get out a post. Don't hold your breath. You'll probably die.

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Bad News is Better Than No News  

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Hello everyone, it's your ever-absent co-author, the Drewcifer. The Alchemist has asked me to inform you that he is out of town and due to this and his work schedule, he will likely be unable to post again until some time in August. Maybe I'll try to pick up some of the slack in his absence, but I think we all know how unlikely that is.

Anyway, please do keep reading the blog, just be aware that there will be the aforementioned short break, so you can stop compulsively checking your RSS feed for the site every 4 seconds.

That's all,
The Drewcifer

Chapter Seven  

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Well, good news. I posted. Even if it is short I can't really post the next bit in this, sorry. I picked up Age of Empires 3 on Thursday and its awesome. I'll leave it to your imagination as to why I didn't update friday. This is mondays update a day late. I'm also excited that I've come up with a working title for this story. May not keep it, but its better then nothing.


As they stood in the hall the moments passed slowly. The grey smoke from Aleksey’s display and Jacob’s gun hung lazily in the air, filling the hall. After it seemed the danger had passed Jacob turned to Aleksey.

“I’ve heard the stories, but they don’t hold a candle...” He said, his face incredulous. “How do we deal with that?”

“I have seen them do it before. I should have warned you.”

He chuckled.
“Do not worry, I think they cannot come through walls.” He said, gesturing.

“Oh, well great.” Jacob murmured.

Jacob glanced over at the wagon.

“You could have done without that.” He said.

“I was caught in the moment. It is hard to think like this, you know that.”

Aleksey closed his eyes, and his whole body seemed to relax. As the faint radiance surrounding him began to fade, a breeze filled the hallway, hot like a summer wind. It seemed to come from Aleksey, who grew dimmer until the only light in the hall was that of the lantern.

“Erick will come faster if he knows there are wolf troubles. He has had many encounters with them.” He said ,pausing.

“Sometimes I suspect he goes looking for them.” He said, shaking his head.

News Flash  

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Done with work today. Hopefully will have a post up for tonight. My job plays havoc with writing, since I work crazy irregular hours. (Like today I got on at Four AM, boy was that fun) I am planning on going to a posting schedual. For my shiney new story I want to go to a monday friday update schedual for now. I figure if I set myself a goal, and then inform you all of if, so you can constantly berate me if I fail to meet it, then I'll be a little more regular in my writing.

When things get going and I am more in the writing habit, I'll probably renew my work on one or more of my other stories and add an update schedual for those as well. And then try to crank out my few short stories that are sitting on the back burner. And play video games. But that has nothing to do with writing.