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Good news everyone. My plotting work is going well. In fact I have come up with the first feasible idea for a book.

What this means:

Well, first it means a bit more delay to regular posting. I need to do some research before I start writing this baby, and I need to finish off all the plot work.

Second, it means that once I start posting again, your going to be reading long posts which will hopefully be pretty awesome, even if the prose isn't the greatest.To give you a little preview I am working on a Dark fantasy/Mystery novel. Basically, squish a little Sherlock Holmes, Historical Fiction, and Warhammer Fantasy into one concept and you have the idea. I got the idea from a little piece I wrote late last year, that a friend recently commented on. Before I knew it, the thing had grown into a full blown novel idea.

Third, it might mean another fun little surprise, but I have to work that out still. I hope to have more information on this incredibly vague announcement soon.

Finally it means that I will be putting most of my other work on simmer. I'm going to pick one or two other works and start doing more plotting for them. Hopefully I'll be ready to continue with one or the other by next week. Don't hold your breath here however, Considering that I have a full college semester, writing work for a gaming group I run, and this other novel idea, I don't know how much time will be left over for a spare story.

Wish me luck. I think all this is going to be a lot of fun.

The Alchemist